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Question about Chocolate Soufflee


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Question about Chocolate Soufflee

egit | Apr 22, 2011 10:52 AM

Hi All --

We're having some friends over for Easter dinner this weekend... maybe 6 people in total. I'm a pretty good cook, but not much of a dessert maker. Though since I'll have all day, I may try my hand at a dessert. I'm considering doing a chocolate soufflee. My question is fairly simple. In order to minimize stress, anxiety, and a mad dash between the end of dinner and beginning of dessert, how much can/should be done in advance with this dessert? I don't need to have dessert on the table the moment the dinner dishes are cleared. But I'd rather not have to do the *entire* dessert after dinner is finished. Nor do I want to pop dessert in the oven the moment the leg of lamb comes out, either. I'd love to be able to take dessert out of the fridge and pop it into the preheated oven, and THAT'S IT.

A 20-30 minute lag between end of dinner and beginning of dessert would be fine, but I don't want that time being taken up with beating eggs, folding, etc. Don't forget, I'll probably have a bit of wine during dinner, which may significantly reduce my chances of success. :-)

Also, I'm going to have 3-4-5 left over egg yolks. What fun, dessert-ish type thing could I do with them as an add-on to dessert?

The name of the game here is "do-ahead." Once I start making dinner I don't want to have to think about dessert until after I'm done eating dinner.

Thanks! Looking forward to your creative responses.

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