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Quality of recipes on "recipe sites?"


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Quality of recipes on "recipe sites?"

UptownKevin | Dec 26, 2006 09:25 PM

I won't mention any of the names here, but I have taken time to peruse some of the "recipe web sites" when looking for a specific recipe. For instance, today I did a search for Paella and came up with several different variations on a wildly popular recipe site. Only problem is that I know enough about Paella to know that some of these recipes couldn't possibly be any good.

To be sure, I did a search on that site for "jambalaya." I know plenty about jambalaya and some of the recipes on there looked plain wrong or disgusting. And some of them were rated 5 stars! I mean, jambalaya is a rice dish, but I can't tell you how many recipes called to "ladle it over white rice." Are you kidding? And this leads me to my question.

How many of these recipes are any good? Is it just a bunch of midwestern (no offense) housewives who couoldn't spot good food if it hit them in the head? I saw how many bad jambalaya recipes were out there, but what if I was looking for a recipe of something I've never cooked?


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