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quality products at Whole Foods


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quality products at Whole Foods

Buford | Dec 16, 2004 06:02 PM

I got some quality products at Whole Foods the other day that were good enough to write about.

Health Valley Golden Flax Cereal. This is the best breakfast cereal I can remember eating. It is remarkably good without milk, as I discovered when I was running out the door and had to grab something to eat.

Challah bread from Il Fornaio. This may only be available in areas that have Il Fornaio restaurants. It was the softest, most flavorful loaf of bread in a long time. The flavor wasn't eggy like you normally think of challah bread, but something sharper.

Spicy salmon sausages from the fish department. Lots of good salmon flavor even after frying them in a pan of oil. The spices were happening in a different space than the salmon flavor, but the effect was quite successful anyway.

There's so much in premium supermarkets that doesn't justify the markup, produce for example, so it's a relief to find products that are worth the money.

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