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Pyrex "Professional" (ha!) Kitchen Timer

Jim Leff | Aug 27, 200511:52 PM

My Pyrex Professional timer lost its battery cover. It still works perfectly well, just so long as I squeeze the battery against the terminal with my finger during the entire timing period. Otherwise, it beeps and flashes randomly, then goes dead. Oh, and the battery keeps falling out and rolling under the refrigerator. Other than that, it's giving me absolutely top-notch service.

Since this is a "professional" item, I'd expect to be able to replace the battery cover. However Pyrex doesn't seem to exist as a company. There's no web site. There's nobody to talk to. It's all an illusion.

So, do I 1. spend twenty bucks on a new timer, 2. devise some clever way to keep the battery in (suggestions?), or is there someone somewhere I can pay five bucks to replace this .00001 cents' worth of plastic?

Thanks for any advice!


Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/...

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