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Pylos Problems?

gazalooni | Mar 25, 2004 02:20 PM

Went to Pylos last night for dinner w/ a party of 3 at about 8:15. since they don't take reservations for parties of fewer than 4 people, we were told we would get the next table for three and that the wait would be 20-30 minutes. fine. one of us was on crutches and there was no room at the bar, so the hostess asked us to leave a cell phone number so we could go someplace to sit until the table was ready.

50 minutes later, STILL no call. i went back in just as they were seating a different party of 3. i asked why they had seated another party ahead of us while we had been waiting. the hostess hemmed and hawed until a man came over and saved her by asking if he could help me. i told him we'd been waiting half an hour longer than we'd been told, and that other parties were being seated ahead of us and he said another table was just paying their check and i would have a table in just a few minutes. i went to get the rest of my party, and we waited another ten minutes until we were seated.

once we sat down no waitress appeared for drink or other orders for the next ten minutes (water, bread and a very garlicky melanzanasalata were put on the table in the meanwhile). finally, the waitress (seemed to be the only one in the entire front section of the restaurant) appeared. we ordered and i asked for the leg of lamb with roasted potatoes.

a few minutes later she came back to the table and told me that they were out of the leg of lamb (i'm sure the table that was seated ahead of us got the last order....). i changed my order and asked that instead of orzo, which i'm not crazy about, the dish come with the roasted potatoes. the following conversation ensued:

Waitress: that doesn't come with the dish so I'll have to charge you extra.

Me (flabbergasted, not believing my ears): What?!

W (sternly): If you mix the orders you have to pay extra, I can only give you what it says on the menu.

M: But you ran out of the food I wanted, so can't you just give me the potatoes.

W: That doesn't matter. If you want to change the orzo you have to pay extra, there's nothing I can do about it. Do you want to change it?

M: Are you serious? You don't have what I want and you're going to be that strict...?

W: I have to charge you extra if you want to make a substitution. You can't mix the things on the menu.

M: Is there a manager here? I want to speak to someone else.

W: I'll go find a manager.

With that she walks away, leaving me completely flummoxed, angry, ready to walk out. A minute later, she comes back and says: "We won't charge you for the potatoes".

OK. Well, the food is OK, not great, quite heavy and salty, but relatively inexpensive. Decor is fine. But really - was my experience there completely random - or have other people had similar problems with the service? Not getting seated, running out of food, arguing with me about charging extra for one carb instead of another...ridiculous.

I imagine that they must be overwhelmed with the volume of business - but if other people have had experiences like mine, they won't be getting repeat customers.

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