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What do you put in the dishwasher, regardless of what is advised?

danlind3 | Dec 17, 201510:17 PM

Hi all, just wondering what folks put in the dishwasher regardless of advice from manufacturer, or common sense.

I put in any wooden spoon. $5 a pop, they last for years, even in dishwasher. (Oxo and equiv)

MC2 AC alu exterior pots and pans - no harm yet. Maybe less luster but so what? This is definitely discouraged, and I've seen some horrible results online. But sometimes, I just want to use the dishwasher. This stuff is here to serve me, not VV.

Demeyere stuff. No problems. They advise against, but in somewhat soft language.

Victorinox knives, but only if there is a place they will not be banged around. Better knives, handwashed and dried for sure.

Things I do NOT put in:

overly soft, meltable plastic.

Fine china, esp with gold.

Fine glasses.

In sum, except for this short no list, I'm pretty game to save time. And so far so good. Few tradeoffs.

And you? Any dw disasters? Save us all with your wisdom!



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