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Purple Focaccia Perplexity! Help!


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Purple Focaccia Perplexity! Help!

Sinophile | Aug 6, 2008 12:01 PM

A few years ago I posted a critique of the focaccia recipe in Rose Levy Baranbaum's Bread Bible. To my surprise, she responded to me critique, and together we worked out some of the kinks in the recipe (kudos to Mrs. B. for being so friendly and helpful). She recommended doubling the yeast and doubling the length of the second rise, while I pointed out the crucial need to work the dough until it balls around the paddle of the stand mixer, however long it takes to reach this stage (the recipe calls merely for a 20-minute workout).

For two or three years now, I have been producing truly world-class focaccia, at once crisp and chewy with a marvelous gluten structure.

Now -- for reasons I cannot figure out -- the recipe has turned on me. My latest batches have been fallen and gluey, and strangest of all, the bread has had a distinctly purplish hue.

I cannot imagine what is the matter. Does anyone have any thoughts? Could this problem be explained by a switch from instant yeast to active dry?

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