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Pureeing the Myth of Sriracha Sauce

jonkyo | Jul 20, 201404:31 PM     158

Sriracha sauce contains sugar that intrudes upon a true hot sauce enthusiast's appreciation of a sauce that is basically a hot peppers puree.

The sudden popularity of Sriracha sauce a decade ago, did not hit me until I was in the US and UK. There I even saw a housemate from Mainland China, already living in the UK for several years, claim that this Sriracha sauce was a necessary item for the kitchen table at all times.

We see how some region's appreciation needs to come with a watering down, or a corruption of the original. Likewise, these trends convert people to the watered down trend in taste. That is just my assessment.

A negative that grew from this hyped up appeal and marketing scam, was to see the more appropriate containers of hot sauce, a variety of two to three in some cases, at Chinatown restaurants be monolithically replaced with a single bottle of Sriracha.

That aforementioned affect in Chinatown is the same as seeing Boars Head 100% used as all deli meats.

This causes me for one, not to eat as a customer, in otherwise nice food venues, as I opt for real hot sauce, as opposed to this fraud. Pardon my expression.

Earlier this month Sriracha sauce made it on a list in the Financial Times, in the Arts Weekend section article entitled '6 Super-Hot Food Trends You Need to Know About'. The article predicted a buying spree that may cause Srirachi sauce to be in limited supply.

This speaks more about the ignorance of the taste of the masses, then it does true quality of a product.

And if this is not bad enough, there is even a cookbook based on this highly profitable phony hot sauce, that has watered down the tables of Chinatown. T-Shirst available also. Every myth needs a T-Shirt.

Let us not forget where from the chilli came to Asia.

To shatter the myth of this so called great sauce, I propose several better sauces that are a must for the kitchen:


Inca's Food Rocoto Super Picante


Sambal Oelek, by the Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods, contains no sugar and is a wonderful alternative to the hyped up commodity that took the world by storm about a decade ago.


The Habanero XXXtraHot Sauce El Yucateco Mayan Recipe is so wonderful and with the INCA rocoto suace, these do not contain seeds and particles of pepper skin, so they are a true sauce, that are great for cooking and adding to food at the table.


"Any other Sambal Oelek lovers out there? ... I add it to my peanut butter sauce, hubby likes it on scrambled eggs. ... the second ingredient in sriracha (the first ingredient in both is chiles; there's no sugar in sambal apparently)."-foodphilo

Mayan Kutbil-Ik by El Yucateco "We rescued this recipe from the culinary traditions of the ancient Mayan civilization, hence the name “Kutbil-Ik” Mayan word meaning “crushed chili”.

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