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I purchased a sourdough starter (dry powder) 3yrs ago stored in A.C. room cool/Dry will it work? Should i freeze it for longer shelf life?

rawrawj | Oct 31, 201608:30 AM

I purchased a sourdough starter which is in powder form. I never got around to using it rather starting it. Its been 3 years now. So I was wondering if it will still work. It was always stored in a cool dry shelf in my Bedroom which has an AC running in hot summers. Also its in a air tight Ziploc plastic bag.
I also was wondering if is should freeze. I started freezing things like nutritional yeast flakes, Nori, Wakame(dried) and it sure does increase the shelf life. Makes a different after years.
I never got around to starting it cause I had some personal problem so was not apply to pursue my baking hobby. But now I want to but I want to keep half as a back up just in case i mess it up. So was wondering if I should store it in the freezer just to be safe.
Thanks all for your replies in Advance

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