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Pumpkin seed ideas and keeping the jack o' lantern fresh

rworange | Oct 13, 200911:09 AM

Since it is that time of year, what are your favorite ways to use pumpkin seeds?

I was listening to a tv program that gave hints for preserving carved pumpkins which included spraying with hair spray or wd-40, smearing with vasoline, using bleach. This site did some tests and it seems that an untreated pumpkin or one sprayed with Pumpkin Fresh lasted the same amount of time. Other methods accelerated rot

Back to the seeds ...

Those seeds are good for your health

Any tips for de-gooping? Here's an old topic

Do you roast, toast or microwave the seeds?

Anyone have good tips for de-hulling seeds? This site talks about freezing pumpkin seeds ... which I never considered. Their suggestion for removing hulls (if desired)

"But one method some people swear by involves breaking up the seeds with a rolling pin or hammer, then dropping them in a pail of water. Stir vigorously to separate the seeds from the hulls, and the seeds will sink to the bottom, while the shells float"

This site has ideas for Italian, Greek and Buffalo-style seeds

Previous Chowhound threads

Here's some Chow recipe ideas that inculde:

- Jalapeno pumpkin seeds
- BBQ pumpkin seeds
- Old Bay pumpkin seeds
- Jerk pumpkin seeds
- Wasabi and coriander pumpkin seeds
- Creole seasoned pumpkin seeds
- Cinamon sugar pumpkin seeds
- Torgashi spiced pumpkin seeds
- Pumpkin-pie spiced pumpkin seeds
- Candied pumpkin seeds

Other ideas?

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