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Pumpkin cookies/cranberry tart from Just Desserts--Seeking Recipes.


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Pumpkin cookies/cranberry tart from Just Desserts--Seeking Recipes.

eel | Oct 25, 2004 07:30 PM

I have very fond memories of two holiday items from Just Desserts—pumpkin cookies and a tart with cranberries and caramel. I’d love to recreate these at home (particularly the pumpkin cookies) but haven’t been able to get them right. I’ve googled for the actual recipes, but have not found them. Does anybody remember these tasty treats? Anybody have a recipe?

The Just Desserts branch I used to frequent was on Church Street in San Francisco. This was about 12 years ago. I don’t know if the company still makes these items (they are not on their web site). I didn’t see them last time I was in a store around the holidays. I have noticed that the quality of their products has deteriorated (and they are now selling cakes at Costco) so perhaps their business and their offerings have changed.

The pumpkin cookies were 2 or 3 inch mounded rounds, somewhat soft inside. I recall some nuts. They were frosted with an off-white glaze (brown sugar? maple?) that was set (not too sticky). They were spiced, but not heavily. I loved those cookies!!

The tart had a short dough crust, a gooey caramel layer (but not like a pecan pie filling), and was topped with whole cranberries and glazed. The cranberries were cooked lightly, but were still whole, i.e., they had not burst. There may have been pecans.


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