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Pulled Tea (Teh-Tarik)


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Pulled Tea (Teh-Tarik)

rworange | Mar 17, 2007 03:44 PM

How does it taste? Has anyone tried the packaged version? Is it sold anywhere in the US?

Bigjeff on the Food Media & News board provided a link to a blogger who put together these great collage mosaics of Asian food.

One of the collages was of Malaysian pulled tea

A little info on wiki about it

Tea with condensed milk and sometimes with ginger water added (teh halia) is poured back and forth ... pulled from one container to another ... to produce a froth ... sort of like cappuccino .

I haven't read a lot of favorable things about the taste though. Wiki says it is like "syrup and vending machine tea, the distinctive flavour of the tea leaves being obliterated by lashings of sugar and condensed milk."

What about the coffee version - kopi tarik? Any good? Anything like cappuccino?

It seems you can buy pulled tea bags now. Anyone tried them? Is this like buying bottled cappuccino ... not the same. I'm not clear from this tea review site if they liked it or not. They just said which brand tasted the best to them.

Do Malasian restaurants in the US ever serve this?

As long as I'm asking ... what is the deal with these tea acrobats? What country does that and why?

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