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Pulled Pork Pulled Em In!

Chuck | Dec 19, 200411:56 PM

Made this for the first time ...A XMas neighborhood party for 50 people. A special thanks to Hound Kevin (12/15 post) for sharing his recipe and cooking tips.

I made a paste rather than a completely dry rub using just enough salad oil to hold the spices together. I used lots of crushed fresh garlic, ground black pepper, ground red pepper, ground cloves, sage, brown sugar, dry mustard, red wine vinegar and some liquid smoke. You could use herbs, too IMHO. I rubbed the paste all over the pork, poked the soft tissue wherever possible with a fork and let it sit 24 hours.

You could make up any highly seasoned rub or paste and it would be fine...I believe the 24 hours is critical because its a big hunk of meat. That time made all the difference..That pork smelled up the refrigerator by morning!

I had a 7 lb Boston Butt with a nice upper surface layer of fat that made it a self-basting one. Not sure if all Boston Butts have that hard upper fat layer since I never made one before. Anyway, that was perfect. It only took 6 hours at 300 to yield an internal temperature of 180 so I knew it was done. A few times, I added some vinegar/brown sugar and a bit of water as a basting solution ....the roast was on a rack but you need to watch the bottom of the pan....So the juices don't burn. Add a bit of water when necessary.

When finished, I carefully set aside the outer crust from the top. I scrapped the fat from it as well as the entire upper surface where I'd removed that crust. There was some fat there, but no place else on the roast.

Then, like Kevin said, after waiting 10 minutes, I started pulling one fork against the other. Aside from the bone, I was actually able to get almost a 100% yield. I paid $1.32 a pound so it really was a very reasonable party item.

After the entire thing was shredded and I put back the outer crusty pieces, I added some of the defatted pan juices and some of my homemade BBQ sauce (mine was a tomato based sauce). Just enought to keep the meat nice and moist! I think it is very important not to add too much liquid to the pulled pork.

If it were at my home and the main entree, I'd have made the spicy slaw Kevin offered. But, they served it in a tureen with fresh rolls. Many just took the pork, topped it with some more sauce and downed it san the roll. It was a hit. I will definitely make it again! An excellent and resaonably priced party food.

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