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Pulled Pork BBQ - question on timing/technique


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Pulled Pork BBQ - question on timing/technique

Malibu123 | Mar 21, 2011 06:59 PM

In the summer, my family and I go to a beach club where we do a lot of grilling and barbaque. We have a Weber kettle grill there. One of the things I'm dying to make and serve is a pulled pork (Butt or picnic roast) cooked slow (250 degrees) with smoke, pulled, and served with a vinegar sauce.

The problem is that I'd like to serve it at 6pm, but most of the info I've looked at says it may take 8-11 hours to cook and the beach club doesn't open until 9am so I may run out of time (and we usually don't go down there til the afternoon). What do you think my best options are? I was thinking:

1 - Just cook it fully ahead of time and serve it there
- If I started cooking at home 2am the night before, cooked it fully by noon, could I just wrap it in foil, bring it to the beach and then pull/chop and sauce it at 6pm? Would it still be hot and not full of bacteria?
- Or would it make sense to pull/chop it at noon and try and re-heat it somehow? I would only have the grill to heat, so I suppose I could put the pulled meat in a disposable pan and reheat slowly.
- Or if I cooked it one day from 10am-8pm and then served it the next evening, any ideas on storing and reheating

2 - Any advice on just trying to cook it quicker?
- Take the bone out and/or cut in half?
- Any other ideas (higher heat and wrap in foil to keep from drying?)

3- Cooking halfway at home and finishing at the beach
- Would it be possible to cook it 4 hours at home (with smoke), take it to the beach (30 minutes), start a fire (20-30 minutes) and cook it another 4-6 hours?

Or do I need to just bite the bullet and either break into the club before hours or eat at 8-9pm?

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