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Puerto Rico Report (4 days)

bansamit | Mar 6, 200807:58 AM

Hey All - Just returned from an amazing vacation in Puerto Rico and wanted to share some of the Foodie spots we enjoyed while out there.

El Picoteo - went here our first night in OSJ -Puerto Rico, ambiance was close to perfect. The restaurant is in the Convento hotel overlooking the beautiful courtyard, no roof so you can see the sky up above, palm trees & umbrellas scattered throughout, and overall a very pleasant crowd and atmosphere. We started with half a pitcher of white sangria and an order of the boiled octopus with paprika, garlic and some bread. The Sangria was great, not too sweet and quite a bit of liquor. The Octopus was interesting, not exactly what I expected but with some of the bread it was rather good. We also ordered the Paella which was scorching hot but had a good culmination of flavors from the seafood and the meat. Didn't come close to finishing it though! Overall - I think the atmosphere makes the restaurant worth trying, but the food is good too.

La Parilla - not 100% sure where this place is located, but it was beachside somewhere in Luqiullo. If you get a chance definitely try to make it out here, with a view of the beach and authentic Puerto Rican Fare - it hit the spot! For appetizers we ordered the fried jalapenos with cheese, which weren't too different from something you'd get at a TGIF or Chili's. We also ordered the fried Puerto Rican cheese which was actually really good. A PR version of a mozzarella stick, but with the house hot sauce it tasted fantastic. For dinner, I ordered the Steamed red snapper stuffed with Lobster Paella. I'd say it came close to being one of my favorite meals, the fish was not bony at all but extremely tender, flaky, and flavorful. The Paella had chunks of lobster and a light caper sauce creating a perfect balance. My girlfriend ordered the crabmeat in creole sauce which was also great with rice. Lastly, we had a side of Mofongo and garlic butter which is hard to pass up!

Metropol (Isla Verde) - saw quite a few posts about this restaurant throughout the boards. Just like every other post, it was incredible. I had the Cornish hen stuffed with rice and beans & at the end of my meal I was left with a plate of bones - it was an amazing meal. My GF ordered the wood smoked chicken, which was tender on the inside, but had a crispy smoked skin, which was excellent. For anyone traveling to PR, I'd say make a stop here for lunch or dinner because the food is definitely worth trying.

La Bombanera (OSJ) - had breakfast here one morning. A cup of coffee and a ham, egg, and cheese mallorca was the perfect way to start the day. I thought the powdered sugar sprinkled on top would be a bit much, but it actually goes really well with the bread. My girlfriend ordered the mallorca con mantequilla (butter), and once they press it and sprinkle the sugar on top the inside has almost a creamy texture while crispy on the outside. If you're in OSJ during the morning, I would try to go there for breakfast at least once.

Sushi - had sushi at two places. Great taste of China (Condado) and Momoyama (Isla Verde). Both places had really good Sushi, the quality of the fish was superb and very fresh. At Momoyama, our chef was slicing fresh yellow tail so we decided to order some sashimi. It was melt in your mouth goodness if you're a sushi fan, so overall I'd say they have good sushi throughout the Island based on my two experiences.

Other Places to check out - -

The Water Club - if you’re looking for a chic hot spot to go at night or early evening, I would DEFINITELY make a stop here. Open air bar on top of the hotel, white beds and sofa's, chill-out lounge music and a great view of the city and beach. Went here once at night and once in the afternoon and it's the perfect way to mellow out and relax.

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