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Puerto Iguazu, Argentina and Foz de Iguacu, Brazil Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

aledm | Apr 20, 2008 12:27 PM

We were in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina for a week so most of the restaurants reviewed below are there.

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
1. Our Favorites

1.1 El Quincho, Bompland 110, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757)420-151, e-mail:, or We spent AP$121 total and shared a Gascon Cardonnay (AP$35), a grilled quarter pollo/chicken (AP$13.30) which we asked for jugoso/juicy and it came out delicious, surubi grille/local river fish which we also asked for jugoso and was delicious (AP$35.50), panache de verdura/an excellent vegetable dish (AP$9), panqueque manzana/apple pancake (AP$16), 1 cafe AP$4 and 2 waters. Although a tourist restaurant, it is “honest” and serves a fine meal. Rating: 7.5/10

1.2 La Rueda, Av. Cordoba 28, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono: (03757) 422-531, e-mail:, web: We spent AP$123 and shared everything--plenty for us. (We had a Lagarde Viogner AP$40, degustacion tibia AP$22 (whilch we highly recommend), pacu grille AP$43 (a very good local fish), mousse de maracuya AP$10 (passion fruit mousse was very good), and 2 decaf coffees for AP$8). I think our waiter's name was Carlos and he was wonderful. We liked the place better and the menu better than at El Quincho so it gets a Rating of 8/10.

1.3 Panoramic Hotel, Paraguay 372, Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757) 498-100, web: We had a more "upscale" meal (you must insist on eating in the lovely dining room) at this hotel’s restaurant. We spent AP$215 (We again shared everything and had a Ceviche AP$34, a really delicious Lomo AP$69 (tenderloin cooked the way we asked for it for once—jugoso), Finca La Linda Malbec '06 AP$69, Semifredo pan AP$29, and descafeinado AP$14 for 2). Rating: 8/10

2. Okay Restaurants

2.1 Hotel Esturion, Av. Tres Fronteras 650, Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757) 420-100, e-mail: We didn’t want their dinner buffet so we ordered a la carte and spent AP$108. It was ordinary. (We shared a Latitud 33 Malbec (AP$47), that was good, a strudel de cebollines/onion strudel (AP$12), a meat dish called Pampa nuestra (AP$37), and a dessert (AP$12). Rating: 6/10

3. We Would Not Recommend

3.1 Aqva, Av. Cordoba esq. Carlos Thays, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono (54-3757) 422-064 e-mail:, web: We spent AP$163 and we’re happy, although the service was good. We drank a Saint Felician Malbec (AP$90—a higher price than other places after we first ordered a Trapiche Roble Malbec 07 and it was terrible. They took it back.) We shared an antipasto misto (AP$18) that wa ordinary, a cordero/lamb Patagonico (AP$42) which was disappointing, and a noquis (AP$13). Rating: 5/10
(See also the Chow posting called "Puerto Iguazu report" for a different reaction to Aqva by daveena on May 05, 2007,

In Foz de Iguacu, Brazil in the Parque Ncional do Iguaçu Brasil

Hotel Das Cataratas, Foz do Iguaçu We only had lunch and spent R$56.10. It is a place to see and a cut above the other options in the park (the only other nice restaurant has a complete buffet for lunch.) We had 1 Frutas de estacao/seasonal fruit (R$16), salada mista/mixed salad (R$20), 2 cafe espresso (R$10), and one water (R$5). Everything was very good and professionally served. The setting, by the pool, is lovely. Rating: 8/10

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