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Prudhomme's "New" Fry/Saute Method

alkapal | Jan 8, 200807:43 AM

Watching Chef Paul Prudhomme making jambalaya on his PBS show the other day,

he said he is using a new technique for prepping some ingredients. Instead of adding oil to the pan, he is putting a little oil to coat the individual ingredients, then putting in dry fry pan, letting the oil on the ingredient cook it.

For example, preparing jambalaya, he coated the diced andouille and tasso with a little oil, then heated that in a dry skillet before he added the trinity (can't recall if he "treated" the onions, celery and bell pepper pieces similarly).

In cooking a chicken dish, he put oil on the chicken, rubbed it in well, rubbed in the spice mixture, then added the pieces so-coated into the dry skillet.

He says typically the oil in a frying/sauteing situation will overheat in areas where it is not directly in contact with the food (i.e., open areas on skillet), thus changing the flavor detrimentally.

I respect him as a chef, and think this makes good sense for many situations. What do you think?

BTW, he is charming with his stories of growing up and cooking, and his food is delicious, on this PBS program. WHAT a relief from FN!!! The outtakes at the end are really sweet and bring a smile. Bravo, Chef Paul!

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