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Prosecco Col Fondo

CindyJ | Dec 19, 2013 02:15 PM

On a recent trip to Italy, I was introduced to Prosecco Col Fondo, and it was love-at-first sip. It's a style of Prosecco that is cloudy due to the retention of sediment in the bottle. Interestingly, before opening the bottle, the winegrower gently turned the bottle upside down and then back again, presumably to disburse the sediment throughout the bottle.

So I have two questions about the Col Fondo -- (1) what is actually meant by the phrase "lees-aged Prosecco"? And (2) when I serve a bottle of Prosecco Col Fondo at home, should I do as the winegrower did and gently stir up the sediment before uncorking the bottle? Thanks!

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