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Pros and cons of keeping a pizza stone or bricks in your oven

Hank Hanover | Mar 28, 2012 10:40 AM

What are the pros and cons of keeping a pizza stone in your oven? Would kiln bricks work better? How about the cast Iron ones?

I would think that a stone would help regulate the temperature better (fewer variations in the temperature). I would think it would take a longer time to preheat, though.

My oven is electric so it would block the radiant energy. How would that affect cooking? I assume that this stone or bricks or whatever would have to sit on the bottom rack as close to the element as possible.

I don't have a convection oven. Should/could I install a fan that could be turned on and off at will?

BTW... I have never cooked a pizza in my life and am not sure I even want to. I am primarily interested in how it would change the efficiency and cooking characteristics.

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