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How do I properly use extracts with yogurt?

glify | Jun 5, 201608:33 AM     3


I'm a newbie to cooking in general. I'm calorie restricting now and have found basic success making my own greek yogurt from skim milk, and adding flavor with Slimma sweeteners.

I'm trying to add one level to my knowledge of food preparation with extracts, and maybe trying out freezing the batch for some frozen greek yogurt. But the 1 oz bottle sizes were smaller than I had expected for tsp or tbsp sized measurements, so I thought I'd ask about using these before wasting everything :)


1) What is the correct amount of fruit (or cinnamon/almond) extract to use with 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of greek yogurt?

2) I assume I will need to continue adding sweetener. Should the fruit flavors always be used with the vanilla flavor? Or do they stand alone? I ask because the vanilla bottle was so much bigger (430 mL compared to 30 mL for the others) so I thought it might be used as a flavor base.


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