Proper wine service?


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Proper wine service?

jpschust | May 25, 2007 04:37 AM

OK, maybe this is just a DC thing, but I'm kind of curious if this is going on elsewhere- has the art of proper wine service been lost?

We eat out a lot (wayyyyy tooo much) and the last few times I've ordered bottles the wine service has been lacking- some of these places are middle end, some places are high end.

All I expect are the basics:

1. Show me the bottle, let me verify that it is indeed what I ordered.
2. Remove the foil and open the bottle
3. Give whomever is tasting the wine the cork
4. Pour just enough to swirl and taste into the glass
5. If the taster says yes, then decant if need be, chill if need be, or pour starting with the women at the table first.

So the last few times either the waiter has kept the cork, not even allowed me or whomever has ordered to taste, or poured the glass of whomever he was closest to...these all bug me, especially the cork thing.

Am I being picky here or does this bug other people?

Caveat: if I'm drinking a 20 dollar bottle of wine out, this kind of thing doesn't bother me, but it's when we get into the higher price ranges that it begins to bug me

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