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Proof vs. Liquor type?

theginguy | Apr 5, 200809:32 PM

I've been drinking more and more Scotch now for some time exclusively. I used to be a big gin fanatic, but now that I can afford a little more, I've discovered the unbeatable world of single malt scotch and am quite content sticking with it. I drink my scotch neat with a few drops of water.

Anyway, my question is this. Even though most of the scotch I drink is 80 proof, it seems like I get pretty buzzed, pretty quick and I don't ever get headaches.

This is kind of strange, because It seems to me that I can drink something like Bombay Sapphire, at 96 proof and it would take just as much to get me buzzed.

I hate to use the word "buzzed" but it fits. Anyway, so to break it down even more, I find that on certain liquors, I get a different kind of buzz too. Like Tequila. I can drink Tequila and I never really feel the same kind of "buzz" like I do when I drink scotch. I also get headaches with Tequila and Gin, where as I don't with scotch.

I don't know, but it raises a question for me at least. Maybe it's just my own body's chemistry, but all I know is that, with single malt scotch, I get a great relaxed, warm buzz with no side effects. Has anyone else experienced this?

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