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The Prohibitive Costs of Fine Dining


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The Prohibitive Costs of Fine Dining

kevin | Jan 1, 2005 02:40 AM

Something I gotta get off my chest. and see if the hounds agree. or rather it's better if non-hounds will agree.

My question is why in most circles (non-hounds, non-crazy food lovers of course) is it wrong to drop 400 bucks per person on a dinner, no alcholhol included (i'm looking at you urasawa and masa), but most people in these same circles won't bat an eye to spend around $70000 for a Mercedes. or whatever the car may be.

Is it because to most people a car is at least a tangible, physical object that they can use, and with some upkeep will last a considerable amount of times upwards of possibly many years whereas food is ultimately quite perishable and gone the second after you consume and then you merely shit it out. gone after a couple minutes of enjoyment (personally, i like the burps after consuming a langer's pastrami sandwich or some spicey beef ribs from phillip's it sort of continues the eating enjoyment throughout the day).

so the same people that will put a value judgement on you for devouring a 32 course tasting menu at el bulli or 40-courser of sushi/fish at urasawa will not think even twice about partaking in a new mercedes, porsche, or 15,000 dollar gemstone from tiffany's.

as we ring in the new year, who's wrong who's right?

whould you rather it at an unlimited smorgarsboard of restaurants from le bernardin to langers to katzs to difara's to masa to terikayki house to kuruma zushi to le asperge to chez l ami louis to you name it or would you rather just have a car?

the choice is yours.

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