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Progression of preferred drinks/flavors throughout your life?

tinnywatty | Mar 14, 201203:47 PM

I'm interested to know whether people found themselves experiencing changes in their preferred types of drinks over a period of time. Do you now prefer a different base spirit than you used to? Do you drink cocktails made with fewer modifiers/ingredients? Has your preferred flavor profile changed?

For example, I see a number of people on here who really enjoy bitter flavors and a lot of complexity in drinks. I may be mistaken, but I think those are acquired tastes- so for those people, what did you enjoy when you first started drinking? At what point did you find your tastes changing? Was there a particular ingredient that did it, or were you seeking greater complexity that perhaps you wouldn't have been able to taste at first? And do you still enjoy the drinks you used to, presuming that your tastes changed?

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