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Professionally Trained/Experienced vs. Non-Professional Celebrity Chefs

chefathome | Jul 26, 200810:20 AM

When watching a cooking show does the credibility in your estimation change when the chef is professional (Mario, Bobby, Michael Smith, Jamie) or not professional? There are many, many celebrity chefs who have not attended culinary school (i.e. Heston Blumenthal, Tom Colicchio) but are fantastic chefs. They have definitely had training and vast experience in the best restaurants. In the unprofessional category are those such as Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Matt Dunigan. While I am not a fan of any of those I understand the point of having relatable cooks on TV.

I confess my preference is to watch those who are chefs (such as Heston and Tom and Mario) who are highly skilled. Someone like Matt Dunigan rates fairly low on the credibility scale in my opinion. I am not saying that untrained people cannot be fantastic cooks - I know several. My intention here is not to bash hosts whatsoever but to discover what others think. How about you? :-)

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