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Problems Logging In to add to a thread

Kathy Thompson | Mar 16, 2008 01:01 PM

Dear Technical Help-

I've been floundering around for what seems hours trying to post a query/comment on an existing thread about granite countertops issues and radon (Cookware?) and can't seem to get myself properly signed in and on board. Can you tell what I am doing wrong? Is there some kind of requirement that you change password every so many months? (Got confused because the signin was asking for a new password, and I had used my old one which I thought should still be ok.) I have successfully posted on several occasions and now can't get into a place where a screen opens to allow me to post. What's happening here? Maybe I just need to be taken gently by the hand and walked through the steps again?

Yours Frustratedly, Kathy Thompson

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