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problems with chowhound and IE6


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problems with chowhound and IE6

skwid | Nov 12, 2009 08:40 PM

I get the following error message not infrequently using IE6 and Windows XP on a laptop:

Internet Explorer can not open Internet site topix/666

Operation Aborted

The topix number obviously changes depending on the link I'm clicking on. I then get a "page can not be displayed". then I hit the back button and the thread displays. However this sucks in that any already read replies are displayed as if the entire thread has been read.

When this happens it looks like things come into the browser but there is a timeout and the page times out and fails. Happens several times per day usually.

Note that the thread size does not seem to matter. I've had this happen with a thread which is three replies and one which has 100. I've also had things work fine with either of those sizes.

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