What could be the problem with this wine?


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What could be the problem with this wine?

collioure | May 27, 2013 03:15 PM

Last September I bought two gold-medal winning (Paris) end of bin lots at an annual nationwide supermarket sale.

The Jurançon secs were just fine, but the Loire reds (Pinot Noir) were dead. They obviously had been mis-stored, exposed to too much heat. I do have some experience with this phenomenon. I communicated with the winemaker who is represented by Kermit Lynch in the US. So he’s no slouch.

Odile and I rejected the last bottles in December, and it wasn’t easy getting reimbursed.

I asked the winemaker if there was somewhere down here where I could buy a bottle of his wine. After all he makes red and white, and I am about to start ordering direct from several regions. He said “no” and sent me a case of 2010 red (6) from a better vineyard. After the ordeal of the mishandled lot I was thrilled, but . . .

One bottle was corked, I’m sure, and unfortunately two others opened three months apart are now in the vinegar pot. They had more life than the mishandled wine from September, but the fruit was very weak. He’s now given up on me as some bozo, but I am wondering what possibly could have happened to this wine which was shipped in the dead of the French winter. It’s not closed, there are no unresolved tannins, and three years on this wine should be in its prime. It just has so little going on beside correct acidity and color.

It’s awfully rare that I turn my nose up at a good wine, and I love Pinot Noir.


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