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Problem with sauteeing pork loin scallops, smoke


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Problem with sauteeing pork loin scallops, smoke

Tom from Durham | Mar 7, 2004 11:32 AM

OK, I'm following a recipe that tells me to heat olive oil in a saute pan until smoking, then saute 1" thick pork loin scallops for app. 10 minutes, flipping at 6 minutes. (The recipe, incidentally, is from Mario Batali's "Two Villages"--Pork Scallopina Perugina). I'm making them for guests tonight, and decided to do a test run on one of the scallops this morning, just to check cooking time and stove settings.

The test scallop came out perfect, but, unfortunately, my house was filled with smoke in the process. Am I cooking at too high a heat? Or do I just have to throw my windows open and station dinner guests waving kitchen towels beneath my smoke detectors throughout the cooking process?

I suppose I could turn the heat down some and cook them longer, but will it drastically alter the final result?

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