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I've Got a Problem...

epicdude17 | Aug 12, 2012 03:21 PM

Okay, so I am a 16 year old boy (I know, I know, just please read!) . I have ALWAYS wanted to go to an upscale, michelin-starred restaurant in NYC. I live in New Jersey, and am 1 hour away from the city. My mother told me I could pick a restaurant to go to Labor Day weekend for my birthday. I had settled on Daniel Boloud's restaurant. I asked my mom, but then we encountered a problem.

We NEVER drive to the city because of all of the traffic and congestion because it scares my mom. She said driving was out of the question. As all of you (I hope) know, Daniel is a Jacket Required restaurant, so I'm assuming a jacket is required. We can't take suitcases or garment bags, because it would be too much trouble, especially if we might not even stay in a hotel at all. Is there any way I can transport a jacket in a small bag that I can take on a ferry and taxi to take to a hotel?

If there is no solution for that, (I am open to anything right now!!) can anyone suggest a restaurant where I would be able to wear a nice button-down shirt with a tie and get away with it? Preferably well-known and michelin-starred if possible.

Please help!

Sincerely, Mike

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