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Bottomless_Pit | May 13, 201510:37 PM

I'm the type of person when I have a new idea I share it. I don't attempt very hard to apply the idea until I can convince someone else. This is partly so I don't do something stupid. I see it as running it by other people, or asking another party for their opinion.

As for vegetarian and vegan I haven't actually tried very hard, because for the life of me I can't convince others to go vegetarian and vegan.

I have spent probably over 300 hours reading books, magazines, listening to guest speakers, hanging out at vegan restaurants, and cafes. Yet, I can't seem to convince anyone to go vegan. Sure, other vegetarians and vegans will listen and agree, but they already agreed with me before I talked to them.

A lot of my friends want hard science. If I can't scientifically prove that vegan is superior to an omnivorous diet they can't be persuaded. The best scienfic book I could find is the China Study, yet I've heard from many sources it has been "debunked."

My vegan friends tells me just go vegan. That's not the way I work, if I can't convince others of my ideas, then either the idea or my argument must be low quality. If I can't convince others of my ideas it makes it hard for me to follow the idea.

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