Pro chefs searing meat in non-stick pans and copper cookware experience

CHSeifert | Apr 22, 201906:09 PM     132

I have been watching Masterchef Denmark for the last couple of months, and I only see people sear steaks in non stick pans.

The gear is from Eva Trio, a danish brand of cookware - and they also have PLY pans and SS disc pans from Eva Trio to choose from, but they always pick a non stick pan, when they sear meat (and pretty much for everything else). Eva Trio is an old danish brand of cookware and they make solid pans, not quite Mauviel or Demeyere quality, but just below that in my humble opinion. Very solid stuff, that lasts for decades. My wife uses an Eva Trio SS disc bottom stewpot, I got from my mother 20+ years ago. It looks mint condition and still performs great.

The fun thing is, that when two of the pro chefs, who hosts the show, were giving a lecture in how to sear a steak properly, they also used a Eva Trio non stick pan to sear in.
They could just have picked a PLY pan from Eva Trio, but picked the non stick pan for it.

I then had a chat with a few chefs I know about this, and they also say they sear steaks in non stick pans and prefer that to using a PLY pan.

I told them about fond development is better in other pans than non stick pans, when it comes to high heat searing, but they just said they had used non stick pans.

I was a bit surprised to hear this, as I always thought non stick pans were NOT for high heat searing, but some chefs seem to not care about that fact.

I have also seen Gordon Ramsay sear a steak in a non stick pan using olive oil as searing oil.

Olive oil has a low smoke point and is NOT ideal for searing in, and non-stick pans are far from ideal for high heat searing and doesn't make the same quality fond in the pan and the same quality crust on a steak, but he doesn’t seem to give a hoot about that fact..........he has probably served countless of Michelin star Rib Eye steaks seared in a non stick pan and huge amounts of burnt olive oil for the searing process, so what do I know ;-)

I know Ramsay is sponsored, but I have yet to see a brand of non stick pans sponsored by Gordon Ramsay and I have yet to see his name on some brand of non stick pans.

Most know Jamie Oliver and Tefal work together, so of course Jamie Oliver uses non stick Tefal pans all the time for his searing of meat, but Jamie is NOT a Michelin star chef, Gordon Ramsay IS, so I would expect a guy like Ramsay to be sponsored by a proper pan maker and I would expect a Michelin star chef to sear a steak in a proper searing pan and NOT in a non stick pan.

He's the millionaire chef, and I'm not - but WTF is going on with these chefs, don't they know better or do they IN FACT know better ?

As a follow up to another thread, I also asked a couple of chefs what their viewpoint was on copper cookware, and I'm not joking, one chef has worked for Noma in their a la carte and he has never cooked with copper pans in his life and he's 36 years old and has worked as a chef for 15+ years.

He simply can not know how good copper cookware is, since he has never tried cooking with it.

The other two chefs had only cooked with copper cookware on a few occasions. I have seen pictures from Noma, and they do own a bunch of copper cookware, but do they use it or is it more for show ?

Perhaps this is the reason why it's not so popular in pro kitchens around the world.

Chefs simply don't know what it feels like to cook in copper, since they don't own it at home nor are the restaurants they work in willing to spend what it costs to cook in copper cookware in most pro kitchens, either for financial reasons or because they don't find copper worth the extra cost ?

If most average chefs have never tried to cook with copper, since it's so rarely present in most average restaurants, how can the average pro chef know what the benefits are from using copper cookware ?

Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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