Prime Grill L.A. - personal review


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Prime Grill L.A. - personal review

Cholent Fresser | Jan 28, 2007 09:13 AM

The following is my own personal review, as opposed to two previous posts, which, as I wrote, I recieved by email from a certain Kosher food critic, who has very immature and drugged out friends, sorry for any misunderstanding, I will not be posting his fine reviews anymore.

Went to PG LA twice for lunch lately, the decor yada yada was OK, the building is obviously Iranian owned as the valet parking doesn't take Credit cards, the service was wonderful, too wonderful. I couldn't carry on a meaningful business meeting as every two minutes (literally) either the waitress, water guy, maitr D. kept interupting to ask if everything was Okay. I actually don't think the decor was so out of this world but OK..

I was very unimpressed with the food, In some cases the food was inedible .Both times I had the Sushi, the Dragon roll was great, the baked salmon was simply lox wrapped in rice, I didn't finish it. I also had the soups, the Chicken soup was interesting and the Tomato tortilla soup was very good.
Now to the main course. The first time, I had the second most expensive Steak, and it was not tasty at all, it had a wierd small and taste, and of course in their famous PG way no sides just some fried onions which were not fresh.

The second time I had their "famous PG hamburger" the waiter told me it would come on a brioche bun, it came on a plain bun, the burger looked great! nice thick and juicy finally a kosher burger that looks like it should!
When I bit into it I was sorely disapointed, it tasted horrible it reallly taste like something unmentionable! it also smelld! it seems that it was pure meat nothing else and the meat was definately off.
I really tried but halfway through, I did what I've never done, and that is, I gave it back, I heard the waiter say to throw it all out, as if there was any doubt .

Dessert was worthless as well, a chalky pistachio soy ice cream.

All in all, a lousy dining experience, aside from a few small details. way overpriced and nothing special . For better kosher food ion LA got to Pats or Shilos you may not be able to dine on Rodeo but you'll have a fine meal.

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