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Another Prime Beef ripoff


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Another Prime Beef ripoff

Mike06525 | Nov 7, 2001 06:28 AM

Chowhounds who crave the unique taste of dry-aged USDA prime beef need to be careful. Most web purveyers sell beef that is deficient in one or more respects (aged, not dry-aged; "prime cut", not USDA prime). Careful reading will eliminate many of them. But some appear in my opinion to misrepresent what they sell. A good example is, which advertises "Black Angus Beef: Dry Aged" and "Prime Meat that you can cut with a butter knife" and answers queries about whether the beef is USDA prime, "all our beef is prime dry-aged beef". It also advertises a "no-hassle" moneyback guarantee. When the beef arrives, it lacks the marbling associated with USDA prime beef and lacks the rich mineral taste of beef that has been dry-aged for 28 days or more. Comparison taste tests with known prime dry-aged beef from two reliable sources demonstrate that this much more closely resembles good supermarket beef than it does the real thing. The purveyer evades a much more pointed comment/question suggesting that this is not USDA prime dry-aged beef and honors his guarantee to the extent of refunding money for two steaks out of a much larger order.

Lessons: 1) AVOID 2) Be as pesky as a Philadelphia lawyer in insisting on just the right answers to just the right questions in trying to find the "real thing": USDA prime dry-aged beef.

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