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Priceless Menus?

The Ranger | Mar 6, 2006 01:10 PM

This past weekend, SWMBO and I invited another couple out for a special dining treat -- a "Leave your wallet at home" event. We wanted to thank them for doing something special for us, and since both couples enjoy dining together and at similar venues, we chose the place.

I've dined at this particular restaurant multiple times and I enjoy not only the food and spectacular service, but a little-known perk that can be requested when reservations are made: a priceless menu.

Since the reservations were under my name, my menu contained the prices of each dish. No one else's at the table did -- which flustered and frustrated the husband. I'm not sure why but he obsessed about this the rest of the meal -- especially since he knew going in we were treating.

I asked him during one point, "Why would knowing the prices of each dish have mattered? Is it to prevent over-ordering or bottom-lining the meal to 'keep it under control?'" He couldn't answer me then and he still can't answer me now (over 72 hours later). BTW: His wife thought it cute and is planning on asking for this at other restaurants on their special events.

Just curious what others might think.

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