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Price complaints about artisinal pizza

jhopp217 | Mar 7, 201211:43 AM

My neck of NY is inundated with red sauce Italian places and average pizzerias. A few nicer, shall I say gourmet pizza shops have opened up and I'm shocked at the complaints people have. How is it "expensive" to pay for $14 for a personal pizza with fresh pancetta, cognacc onions, gruyere and fresh herbs, but it's cheap to buy two pepperoni slices that have been sitting at the counter for hours, then heated up for $9.50? I'm very confused by alleged foodies unwillingness to pay a few extra dollars for quality recently.

Seems to me recently that flavors and ingredients is taking a back seat, despite all these new places trying to give a little something different and new. That being said, there are just as many of these new places pumping out "gourmet" personal pizzas for $20 that are nothing more than smaller slice pies, served on a fancy dish.

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