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Pressure Frying

kaleokahu | May 11, 2013 08:11 AM

Since my very first bite 50 years ago, I've loved broasted chicken. A good restaurant pressure fryer will cost you $2,500-10,000, and everyone warns against using a conventional PC for pressure frying, so I thought this was a prep I couldn't do at home.

HOWEVER, in investigating PCs, I find references to 1 or 2 models of PC which are claimed to be safe and appropriate for this use. It seems the most available/recommended is the Fagor Marine/Pressure Magic unit. These are designed for shipboard and RV use and have some extra safety features (extra thick, dual down-pointing safety valves, sideways lid removal, extra safety clamp/arch, etc.). And I gather that they operate at around 10psi rather than the 15psi of most PCs.

Anyone have one? Opinions?


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