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Pregnancy foods & cravings


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Pregnancy foods & cravings

Amin (London Foodie '''') | May 24, 2005 06:58 AM

Some months ago there was a post from Janie who being
pregnant back then, went to WF to buy some grated
cheese made from cows milk and not from goat's milk.

She asked for parmegiano regiano in the belief that it
was OK as it had been aged, however was told that as
it was un-pasteurised, it would not be suitable for
her. Janie seemed quite upset and wondered at the time
as to what the French, Greek & Italian pregnant women
do as an alternative as she suddenly realised she
could neither have parmigiano, nor feta, nor romano,
nor any goat cheese.

Well, it was a happy soap-opera style ending for
Janie, as the kindly cheeseman produced for her some
Italian piave cheese which was pasteurised and from
cow's milk. In Janies words ''It brings the smoothness
of cheddar,the texture of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and the
mellowness of sweet mountain butter to your table."

AaaahhhÂ…what a wonderful tale - this bring me now to my question:

What is it that you have craved for during pregnancy
(or if you are a Man, what have you been asked by a
pregnant woman to get for her no matter what it takes).

Note: Janies piave cheese was Italian, difficult to
obtain in the US, and came at an approx cost of $ 15
p/lb, so please provide some imaginative cravings, and
where possible, a cost element.

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