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What about things you prefer underdone?


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What about things you prefer underdone?

ArikaDawn | Aug 26, 2007 08:11 AM

A popular thread started by tastyjon asks the question of what foods you prefer slightly burnt or overcooked. Many people chimed in with favorites, including myself, but there are many things I personally prefer slightly underdone by the standards of many.
The first thing that comes to mind is toast. Basically I like to put mine in the toaster long enough to get it warm and just barely crispy around the edges with almost no color as I prefer it to get almost soggy in the middle when the butter melts. Nothing better IMO!Continuing in the realm of breakfast items I prefer my scrambled eggs a bit on the runny side. Most people in my family find this reprehensible, but I cannot tolerate dry scrambled eggs. When I make sweet potato fries it is very much a juggling act as I take my portion out of the oven when they are still very soft, almost soggy, and have to leave the remainder in until they are crisp as that is how my housemates prefer them. On the rare occasion I make a grilled cheese for myself I like mine barely toasted, basically in the skillet until it is just heated through, but not at all golden or crispy throughout. I have known a lot of people with an aversion to things with a soggy texture, but upon reflecton, it is one I seem to enjoy. I also like a slightly underdone cookie, blondie, or brownie. Yum!
Does anyone else have any underdone favorites? Or am I alone in this?

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