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Pre-party Pizza Problems


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Pre-party Pizza Problems

danna | Jul 13, 2004 02:01 PM

I had planned on serving mini pizzas as an appetizer at an uncoming party for 8-14. I'm obsessed with doing as much as possible beforehand so I don't spend time in the kitchen instead of with my guests.

The plan was to make pizza dough in advance, roll it into 4"-5" diamerter crusts and then grill outside (where the party is) at the last minute. Last night I did a (thank God) test run. I had rolled out the crusts last week, layered them between saran wrap and frozen them. Defrosted a few hours before dinner. I could not transfer the crusts onto the grill without them becoming misshapen blobs, folding over on themselves and becoming ugly and too thick. They crisped up nicely only where the grill grates were, and the other stripe looked like an undercooked waffle.

There were other problems: a very thin slice of garden fresh tomato does not make a nice substitute for tomato sauce. A slice of fresh mozzerella does not melt like shredded regular moz.

I have abandoned the idea of grilling the pizzas, although I'm not sure if the grill was the problem to be honest. Can you freeze pizza dough? Can you roll it out in advance? Should I have stored it some different way? Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might serve app size pizzas that i could mostly pre-make? I refuse to do the standard throw-them-on-the-pizza-stone-one-at-a-time thing. I takes me a long time to make pizza for just myself and my husband that way.

Help is appreciated. Be forewarned...I'll be asking for help on the main course soon!

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