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Pre-made mixers

jennywinker | Feb 4, 200809:49 AM

I just have to share this little anecdote from yesterday at the grocery store. I was picking up some Rose's Lime (gosh, I wish it wasn't made with HFCS) and was casually looking at all the pre-made mixers. Of course, tons of Bloody Mary and Margarita "mix" (and I'm sure we all make better from scratch). And now they have these add-ins for cocktails/ martinis (cosmo, appletini, etc.) I saw a small bottle of "Dirty Martini Mix." Huh?? It's my favorite cocktail and I couldn't imagine what they would put in it. Ingredients: Spanish olive juice, water. LOL. They're actually selling the olive juice that we get with our olives and end up throwing away. (Unless you are using for said Dirty Martinis.)

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