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In Praise of The McGriddle--am I the only one?


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In Praise of The McGriddle--am I the only one?

Denis | Mar 8, 2004 09:44 AM

I know it's somewhat anathema, and I generally favor the slow food philosophy and practice, but I like the McGriddle. After expressing my enthusiasm to a friend, I was informed that everyone she knows things the very concept of the thing is revolting. When I was a kid, my dad used to put a fried egg on top of his stack of pancakes along with the syrup and butter. I thought it was horrifying when I was young, but came to see the deep gustatory wisdom of it over time. The McGriddle adopts this approach and then virtuously expands upon it to include, if you want, cheese and bacon or sausage. Or rather, cheese food and bacon product or, well, sausage. I'm sure the whole thing is 90% chemicals and corn syrup, but I think it works. Any others in my camp? I'd be willing to hear attacks on it too. But the egg component is less greasy than the egg in a deli-made egg and cheese sandwich egg and the sausage (my preference) doesn't seem all that preprocessed or fake. The pancakes have to be unadulterated evil (especially in the world, which certainly includes New York City where I live, in which the consumption of carbohydrates is regarded as embarrassing and kind of immoral, like having a porn habit), but I find them to be just right for the task.

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