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i'm powerless over ... mayo


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i'm powerless over ... mayo

olia | May 27, 2010 08:34 AM


I'm a mayo addict and I'm tired of it. Take this morning -- why did I need to put mayo on a egg and cheese bagel? Why am I continuously stock piling little mayo packets in my desk drawers at work to put on pretty much anything I eat (lunch, snacks, anything but candy).
I need it with normal foods (sandwiches, chicken/tuna salads, fries, etc. -- but always adding extra) and not (ramen/noodles/baked potato, grilled vegetables, any roast meats, the list goes on).
It is most awkward when eating with others at dinner or being a guest in someone's home -- I can't ask for a bottle of hellman's by my side o_O, I just hope there is something containing mayo already and secretly hope I can sneak in some more. This is occupying too much mental space!

What are better, tastier, and healthier ways to add flavor to foods? Any good fun alternatives?
This might seem silly but I need help -___-

Thank you

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