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Power Failure Cleanup


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Power Failure Cleanup

beanodc | Jul 10, 2012 05:37 PM

Here in the DC area, 1,000,000 of us were without power. I happened to be away for part of that time. I have cleaned out the refrig. and kept only eggs and condiments. I took EVERYTHING out of the refrigerator, and kept the jams, Asian sauces, condiments and relishes that were still pristine. My question is about the freezer. I know it was warm in there after 5 days. The ice tray had melted and then refrozen into a solid block and some bread had mold on it. I through out all breads, all meats and fish including the ham bone (sob), ice cream, etc. I kept the nuts because I freeze them to prevent them from becoming rancid but they all tasted fine. My question is about frozen fruit and vegetables. Corn, peas, blueberries, edaname, artichokes - what do you think? TIA for any information.

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