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Why is pour-over coffee better? [Split from Boston board]


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Why is pour-over coffee better? [Split from Boston board]

StriperGuy | Mar 3, 2011 10:54 AM

Warning, the following is slightly tongue in cheek, and I had some fun writing it...

Don't mean to be (my usual) snarky (self), but I read this article in the NY Times this weekend, and did not understand what the big deal was. This is, after all, DRIP coffee.

When I was a kid, making drip manually, with a Melita drip set up was what you did if you did not have the $ for an automatic drip coffee maker.

Now you can get a Mr. Coffee at Target for $20.

Please explain to me how coffee made in WAY pricey, retro gear, but in the end DRIP coffee, is any different from what my pal Mr. Coffee makes.

Nevermind why should you stand there and pour hot water over the grinds manually, when kindly $20 Mr. Coffee will do it for you automatically?

Love the fact that the marketing dorks decided to call this "Artisan" coffee making, like you are actually MAKING something. Just plain hysterical. Ooh gosh mom, I'm pouring boiling water, does that mean they'll give me a show on the food network?

Wanna make something artisanal, go brew some beer, make some sauerkraut, heck bake some bread for gosh sake. But last I checked, there is no artisan's guild for water boilers...


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