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Pound Cake Dilemma- (kind of long)

Laura D. | Jan 24, 200603:14 PM

I'm planning to bake a cake for a coworker's birthday next week, and she's mentioned on numerous occasions that she loves poundcake. So, I've done a bit of research, and feel confident using the sour cream chocolate chip poundcake recipe found in the Whimsical Bakehouse cookbook (I might omit the chocolate chips, though).

Anyway, my dilemma is this: I don't feel comfortable going the bundt cake route and showing up at the office with an non-iced cake, (even though my coworker has already confirmed that she is obsessed enough with the idea of poundcake that she could care less about whether there is icing), because I always associate birthday cakes with frosted cakes, and thus would like to go the route of a layer cake. The cookbook I'm using has several filling/frosting recipes I'd like to try, but I'm thinking I'm being overly ambitious with my thoughts and am likely to make something I'd like more than she would. Some of the options I was considering were a vanilla or chocolate buttercream filling with a chocolate glaze (basically a poured ganache), or a whipped chocolate ganache filling (basically a mousse) with either the chocolate glaze or a buttercream. Would this be too over the top for most people, and hide the quality of the cake, or would you suggest I go all-out and utilize one of these fillings/frostings?

Another coworker of mine suggested perhaps putting something like strawberries inside the cake (mixed with either vanilla buttercream or stabilized whipped cream), while using a basic buttercream as the frosting too. Does this sound like a better idea? If I were to do this, how could I ensure that the strawberries didn't make the whole cake soggy? I've made the oreo cookie filling (which is basically a whipped cream filling with crushed oreos folded in) from this book before, so I wonder if I could fold in the strawberries in a similar manner, or whether this would totally discolor the cream and destroy the consistency of the berries?

Any suggestions would help. I think I'm too biased to make a decision,since my favorite part of any cake is definitely the frosting, whereas the receipient of this cake is clearly more into the "cake" than anything else.

Thanks in advance.

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