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More potentially interesting new Bangor eateries!


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More potentially interesting new Bangor eateries!

Adriana | Dec 1, 2001 12:57 PM

I was particularly interested in the recent post about JB Parker's Restaurant in Bangor, which I'm now looking forward to trying out. I wanted, however, to point out some other new eateries I just "discovered" this morning while driving through the downtown area. Besides the coffee shop, I have not tried them yet, and if anyone else has, your comments would be most welcome. However, for those who don't know, I wanted to point out these places' existence, as Bangor doesn't appear to have many unique dining options and I want to support the local restaurant economy.

All of these eateries are located in one set of what looks like newly renovated buildings on Hammond Street, on the left side as you go up the hill, directly across from the courthouse.

First, there's the new cafe/coffee shop called The Vault, which apparently has a sister shop in the Bangor Mall (called something like Big Moose Coffee). They sell all the usual coffee drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. It is very pleasant, with both tables and a couple of new couches, and they told me they've been around for five weeks. They carry Downeast Coffee (which, I was surprised to learn, is from Rhode Island) and some other brand from Alaska whose name I forget.

Next door and up the hill is what looks like a bistro called The Nouveau. While it was closed when I walked by, the menu is tapas-style, with offerings all under $10, and from the titles they did seem rather original. Inside, there appears to be a wine bar. I ended up speaking with a woman on the street who told me she had eaten there and that it was very good, albeit pricey for the Bangor area.

Next up the hill is the Bangor Wine and Cheese Company. I'm assuming that this is simply a wine bar, and from the looks of it through the window, I think that they sell sandwiches, cheese, etc., as well as wine, although there was no menu I could look at outside. The window is filled with front covers of the likes of Cigar Aficionado and Wine Spectator. There was also a sign inside saying they carry Carpe Diem Coffee. I'm assuming that it's more of a order-and-take-it-to-your-table-type place than The Nouveau.

The last restaurant in this row is called Momma's Kitchen. The menu is a little less formal than perhaps the others and a little less expensive, but I couldn't see much more than some tables from the outside. I will have to investigate it further, but it looks pleasant enough from what I could see.

If anyone has eaten at any of the above places (or at the New Moon, which I also heard was good), I'd love to hear about it. Likewise, if/when I do eat at any of these establishments, I will make another posting/report.

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