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Potential mother-in-law

rachelfc | Sep 21, 2009 08:00 PM

Nothing is ever simple is it? I have fallen for a lovely man, head over heels, and he is coming down to stay for a long weekend, and on Monday evening, his mum is coming to dinner after work- an early dinner- maybe 6-7pm. I have met her already. Because she is the CEO of my company. Yup, I'm shacking up with the bosses son. I expect she will come home with me after work, he will be hanging out at mine so can do some stuff (but not lots, he's not had much practice and is more of the mind to "just tell mum to bring pizza or something").

I don't eat meat, she does, he does. I'm ok with cooking meat, as long as the side dishes are interesting or theres some sort of veggie main course. I don't know what else she likes to eat, he just says "she eats everything" and I don't know whether to believe him. He said he ate everything too, and thats not true. (Fruit is slimy and prawns are vile but shrimp is fine, and veg is great unless of course its slimy....).

So I need to look relaxed and welcoming, and tread the line between smart employee and potential loving daughter in law and bringer of grandchildren. This is what I know about for sure: all three of us like Chardonnay and green beans. And brandy. Its spring in NZ so it could be sunny, it could be blowing a gale and raining. I want to make something that won't have her sitting in the kitchen with a glass of wine watching me do fiddly things, I'd rather it looked simple and effortless, although I don't mind putting in the effort to plan and do things during the weekend but not look too try-hard. She'll want me to be at ease. Do I sound at ease? Damn that Chardonnay is sounding good right now.

Menu idea's to make me look, just for one shining evening, less of a seat-of-my-pants kind of gal and more of an "Oh that? No, no trouble, it just takes a few moments to prepare.... its easy really..."

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