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Where & How do you keep your potatoes & onions?

ElsieB | Jan 11, 200807:40 AM

I have tried many places in my kitchen/pantry and many dif containers. I am never satisfied. I have looked for quality 'potato keepers' on the internet and found nothing that impressed me. I know that kept under optimal conditions potatoes shd keep well for a long time (look at the early Americans with their root cellars!). At any time, I could have several varieties of potatoes and onions in the house, but often find (or smell) rotten ones. I have a wonderful antique wire hanger with 3 baskets, but the light gets to the potatoes and they sprout or green. I cover them with towels but that is not perfect. i tried keeping them all in their separate brown paper bags - that doesn't work for me, it's out of sight - out of mind... then they rot because I forget what's in all those bags or under those towels. I have a pantry between the kitchen and garage but it is only cool during the winter months, it becomes very warm in the summer. And I do not co-mingle the potatoes and onions.

I'd love to hear of how other chowhounds protect their potatoes and onions for best keeping quality. Thanks!

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