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Potato, Zucchini Pizza in Hauppauge, NY


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Potato, Zucchini Pizza in Hauppauge, NY

Paul Trapani | Nov 8, 2002 12:57 AM

I finally had a chance to try the Potato, Zucchini and Onion pie mentioned in the very first Chow Alert (read it free using the link below and help support the site by subscribing to this invaluable resource). The pizza is indeed a gloppy mess, but a delicious one. I am normally vehemently opposed to eating pizza with a fork and knife, but there's just no other way to move this monster from the plate to your mouth (at least, not without your shirt receiving an ample serving of sauce and cheese).

I was surprised to see tomato sauce on this pizza. I had imagined it with just veggies and cheese. Not to worry though, the flavorful sauce complements the other ingredients nicely. The zucchini was bland and undercooked (almost raw), but the potatoes and onions did a nice job of picking up the zucchini's slack. Some assorted veggie slices on the counter had tastier looking zucchini, so it may have just been a fluke.

I was intrigued by the other potato deep dish pies; one with artichokes and one with sausage and peppers. A quick interrogation of the counter man confirmed my suspicion that canned artichokes were used instead of fresh, so that one's out for me. I think peppers would work well in the context of the potatoes and onion, but the sausage may be a bit much. We'll see how brave and hungry I am next time.

As stated in Chow Alert, the thing is huge and you must order a whole pie. This will take 20 to 25 minutes so you may want to phone ahead. A hungry friend and I managed to scarf down half the giant pie in 15 minutes. I can't imagine how we were able to do this but it was probably the combination of the wait and how good it tasted. We had plenty left to bring back to work, where others enjoyed sampling, and I also have two huge slices left for tomorrow. It seems like it'll be great reheated, so don't concern yourself when you walk out with 10 pounds of leftovers.


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